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Sash Window Repair Cambridge

Our sash window repair service covers just about everything possible. We can replace broken sash cords, replace rotten sills and carry out full sash window draught proofing to help ensure your sash windows are as energy efficient as possible. Our dedication to the conservation of Cambridge’s classic aesthetics means that your repair will leave your property warmer, more stylish and still with money in the bank.

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Our Replacement Window Process

Unfortunately, we've been to a lot of jobs for a free quote where the homeowner believes the window will cost £50 or £100 to repair a sash window. The problem is, there's a lot more that goes in to restoring a window than simply banging a few bits of timber together. It takes a skilled craftsman to repair a sash window.

It's going to come down to several factors.

Is the building or window historical or listed? If so, we'll need to arrange planning permission to work on the building. This involves multiple costs, probably exceeding the smaller expectations of some potential customers.

Another consideration on cost of repairs is how many windows you have. Per window, it's probably going to be a minimum £300 + if you need it actually renovating and restoring. There are smaller types of repairs like draught proofing which could cost a lot less though. As the job becomes larger (more windows), the price of each window can decrease as more profit overall can be made. We'll always just be honest and upfront with our quotes and pricing when we see the work you need doing.

But then how much does it cost to deglaze a sash window?

Sometimes you might just need new sashes, which will need to be created from high quality wood and formed to the shape of your window. Often we'll take your old sash and model the new sash from the dimensions and styling of the old piece.

If it's just your glazing (or glass) that needs renovating, we can usually work with the window rather than having to uninstall it from your casement. This isn't a job you should be going down the DIY route with - it's a bit technical. The cost to deglaze a sash window ends up being hundreds of pounds too but it largely depends on whether you want single or double glazed windows and how many windows you have and how large they are. So there's a lot of factors in fixing the glass in your window and again, it isn't going to cost under £100 to replace the glass in your window unfortunately.

If your window isn't opening and closing correctly, this might be the kind of job that could be cheap if we can come in and work with the window for only an hour or two. It just means making the window smooth again as well as altering the edges etc so that everything fits in its proper place.

Replacement windows

So you need new windows. Repair isn't an option and you liked your old sash windows enough to want new sash windows.

We'll put in a slight caveat here that repairs can often be implemented even if the windows seems non repairable. Whether it's the glass or glazing; the casement rotting or being disfigured; or the sashes themselves are broken, you can find a repair for most of these problems.

Sometimes repair might be more expensive or more hassle than just getting new windows anyway. However, that's hard for a non expert to judge, so we always bring our specialist knowledge to every job.

If it does seem like repair isn't an option for your windows and/or you're just looking to replace the old windows, here's how the process will look:

1. We'll visit your property and speak to you about your current windows and how you'd like your new windows to be. For example, the same style? Which type of glazing do you want? Do you want double glazing? Should your casement be altered? Do your windows need not match the look and feel or your home, and you'd like that to change? For example, to match the patterns on your doors and other timber of your home? And so on.

Essentially, we will look to see what you want for your new window setup in this meeting.

2. We'll go away and check the materials and number of hours it will take for us to create the window as well as install the window replacement into your home. These are the two main considerations. When we have a good idea of work involved and materials, we'll send you our quote estimate.

3. Should you be happy with the quote, we'll arrange a time to come and carry out the necessary work on your home. Usually multiple windows can be installed in a day - this can just depend on the difficulties being faced with your old windows and how much work needs to be done before adding the new replacement sash windows.

This is essentially how our replacement window service works. It's straight forward and doesn't waste much of your time should you not want to proceed with the quote. If you do want to proceed with the quote you just need to let us know and we'll begin ordering the glass, the parts required and begin creating the sash window from scratch ready for installation. The process couldn't be easier! Please check out our review page or you can see several reviews below from customers based in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire that had a great experience with us! We really believe our reputation and consistently good reviews sets us apart. We have numerous 5* google reviews as well as customer testimonials we've asked for after a job. You are always welcome to request to speak to any should you need reassurance before agreeing for us to carry out a job for you. That's all on this topic for now. Thanks for reading!