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Sash windows with roofing repairs 

We recently completed an interesting sash window project.

The house is a large, stately property on the outskirts of Cambridge which forwent a complete renovation from start to finish.

It was a joint effort between ourselves, a loft conversion company, The Cambridge Roofers and various other tradesman chipping in. 

We don’t discriminate between large window renovation projects or small (we often have both large and small projects going at the same time)…

But these larger, team efforts can be a real pleasure to work on. 

The final product is excellent, everyone played their part and the client got exactly what he envisioned. 

We especially like working with other teams.

Knowing the project was a total renovation and being part of a larger overall project was fun. Especially seeing it from old and decrepit to fresh and brand new.

It had new windows, new interior, new loft, new roof, new landscaping and more.

Looking forward to what post lockdown life brings and the projects that keep arising though into the end of the year and next year!

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