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Ah Cambridge… A beautiful place. If you leave Cambridge for any given amount of time and visit a place with less heritage and less architecture *COUGH* up North… You get a newfound appreciation for the city. Also, no offence to the North, that’s mostly a joke as there are great places all over England. But Cambridge certainly has a unique flavour like most places don’t. The buildings, the people, the energy… The city centre is something to behold. And you are reminded when you leave for a while. 


It’s no surprise. The place is a bedrock of history. The university dates back to 1209. It hosts some fantastic buildings that are hard to beat. A lot of the good energy is created by the estimated 24,506 students which descend on the city each year amongst the estimated 123,867 population from 2011. We’re sure it will be much more than that by now. The population is very well educated, with 40 percent being educated to a higher level. This should mean a lot, but we aren’t convinced most degrees these days mean a lot. There are too many! It’s too saturated! Anyway, that’s a debate for another day… With the city being adjacent to the M11 and A14, we have good access to London and other great nearby cities and areas. 


But we’re here to speak about Cambridge windows! 


With a lot of Cambridge being subject to conservation laws, lots of the windows are protected and have to be restored to their former glory. This is as opposed to throwing plastic alternatives in there for ease and speed. We are glad to be living and working in an area that values sash windows. They have a strong place in this country’s architectural history. Not to mention they look great and help to keep the city looking great, gothic and classical. There’s no debate that these windows are some of the most high end windows you can get. Sure, you have things like stained glass windows which look amazing, but the glazing itself gets to be extremely expensive. So it’s not particularly attainable for most that want them. A good alternative is that you can get small stained glass windows rather than some great massive thing like you would see in a church. 


Getting replacement windows in Cambridge can be tricky… Until now! We have been completing all sorts of projects over the last few years. From the tiny to the massive - a really wide range. We only deal with wooden or timber windows, so we don’t know what the best vinyl windows are. We often get calls like that! And if we do cheap UPVC windows… No! Our focus is very much on classical, timber windows. 


If you live in a conservation area. That’s no problem. We have restored plenty of windows to their former glory in line with the wishes of the council. So don’t let that deter you from getting in touch.


For those that want replacement windows from their cheap plastics to proper timber windows - we also do that. It’s not only restoration that we do. Installing brand new windows is not a problem. We use a high standard of manufacturer who give us options depending on the kind of solution you are going for.


For those of you that have draughty windows - we have some of the best draught solutions for you too. Our draught proofing system is essential in our 21 point restoration process. Your windows will be seamless, literally! 


For those looking for general renovations and repairs NOT in conservation areas, all the better! This gives us good room to alter your window to be more superior for you. They will be able to look different, last longer and the work can be completed quicker and more efficiently.  


For those of you looking for double glazed windows, we do that too. Especially those that want to upgrade from single glazing for better solution. And for those that want to go the extra mile… We even do triple glazing! What a lot of people don’t know is that glazing is actually quite expensive. It’s one of the most expensive parts of the window you are looking to restore. So the more glazing you go for, the more expensive the final price you are going to get is. 


To builders looking to renovate a property domestic or commercial, we are more than happy to assist. We have completed loads of projects working with other construction, builders, joiners and carpentry firms. 


To the local homeowner on a budget looking for cheap windows. We have solutions for you too. 


To the local manor or estate owner who has a massive project. We can work to the highest possible levels of workmanship imaginable.


To all of you: we can help you with your Cambridge windows!

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Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

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