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Why Sash Windows Have Stood The Test Of Time

Sash windows are very unique in that they have not been ‘done away with’ like a lot of old or classic things. This is for good reason too. These windows have loads of unique characteristics that set them apart from most other windows, especially modern alternatives, that will see them stand the test of time. A Sash windows Cambridge company like us with decent experience in the industry is confident that sash windows will definitely be around during out lifetime at the very least. They have already survived over 400 years as described in our history of sash windows article. One day they might be replaced by something more superior, but for now, they’re definitely here to stay.

We compiled the top reasons why people can’t get rid of their sash windows and their main benefits. These are the ultimate reasons that sash windows have withstood the test of time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

1. Easily Repairable

Sash windows are easy to repair (for an expert of course). Not only are they easy, they are completely repairable. This means that you can take the most beaten and battered sash windows out there and return them to their original state without replacement, just through proper restoration through an expert. Of course, the main benefits of this is that you can always retain your original window. You might even have a sash window from the 18th century that has been restored over the years. The emphasis here is on restore, the window will not have been replaced, so to all intense and purpose, it is still the same classic window.

With a lot of types of windows like plastic windows, you’re going to have to get a whole replacement should you want to get your windows repaired. There isn’t really a repair option and it’s simply a case of getting a whole replacement.

Then obvious repairs like the glass breaking can be fixed just like with any other window. If this was to happen, you could upgrade to double glazing quite easily and retain the style you had before but improve the overall performance of the window.

2. Style

Sash windows are stylish. They look great and the classic touch really makes a difference to a home. Although a lot of ‘old’ things are becoming redundant, this classic style still looks extremely aesthetic to the human eye. There’s something about a repaired or brand new sash window that looks so authentic and full of character that is hard to replace with too many modern designs. You’d struggle to find someone that thinks a sash window actually looks bad. They’re simple, elegant and never look out of place on any property.

Not only are they stylish, they can be styled. Specifically, they can be styled however you want them to be styled! Sash windows are extremely adaptable. Should you want to add a new feel to your windows from a specific area, let’s say the Georgian era, your windows could be removed from their casement and altered from the workshop. You could create whichever type of style you like. Even the glass could be altered to have a certain type of patterning on it if you really wanted. You can essentially make your sash windows ‘custom’.

If the doors in your property had a particular style that you loved, you could model your windows to follow suit so your whole home has a similar style and feel throughout. Or you could go for a complete mixup. It comes down to personal preference! We know that Cambridge is particularly fond of the Edwardian style. This is a classic style and it looks great on both a door and windows.

3. Easy to use

Sash windows are as practical as any other window out there. They can be slightly more complex to get working as there is a bit more going on behind the scenes (with the pulleys, weights and balances etc.) than other windows, but the actual functionality of the window is very basic and very simple to use

4. Modern Twists

Although these windows’ designs are old, modern twists have been added to them to ensure they’re still relevant and useable in this day and age. An example of this is the added safety measures you can use for a sash window these days. These include locking systems that are child proof, meaning your toddler isn’t going to be able to curiously unlock your window and cause any mischief or harm to themselves.

Another modern twist is the mix of sash windows and PVCU windows, cleverly named PVCU sash windows. Although these are largely plastic, it just goes to show that plastic windows are trying to copy the aesthetics of the beautiful classic sash windows. If you’re low on funds, this might be your next best option! Another great modern twist.

5. Classic

Sash windows are simply classic. They’re old, but still look and work brilliantly. They’re simple. As Cambridge Dictionary detail here, they’re as simple as two frames that slide to open! But still they occupy thousands of homes in Cambridgeshire alone due to all of the reasons above that have meant these excellent windows have stood the test of time.

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