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Triple glazed sash windows: Scam or worth it

As I’m writing this, snow is falling heavily outside here in Cambridge. And we’re halfway through March! Being a window tradesman, I obviously have triple glazing, which is what inspired this article. I don’t loathe anyone with double or even single glazing in this weather.

Double glazing has been around for as long as 150 years. Thomas Stetson created the idea in 1865 of having two sheets of glass joined closely together.

No, double glazed sash windows weren’t introduced alongside the sleek sleazy salesman of the 20th century who seemingly just wanted to flog you them for the sake of it.

It’s a wonder that all sash windows hadn’t been double glazed then isn’t it.

Well, the reason is cost.

Glass was once more expensive than gold. Before the internet with mass communication and technological outreach, resources like glass were far more valuable as they were harder to get hold of.

Now, double glazing is almost standard in every home in the UK. Many countries around the world have no choice but to invest in triple glazing due to the severe weather conditions. However, we still believe it’s valuable to invest in triple glazing as we also have the harsh weather conditions here in England.

So, let’s have a look at what triple glazing is and talk about its worth.

Triple glazing consists of three panes of glass, with two being gas-filled. The panes are then encases in a sealed frame so that heat can’t escape through the seams of the sash window. The three panes act as a brilliant barrier between your home and the elements. Three thick panes and clever gas space in-between is a strong measure of resistance to the cold and noise.

The concept is simple, three thick panes are better than two for keeping in the warmth. More materials means more weight and more cost, but triple glazing can certainly be worth it if you’re in an area that’s highly likely to experience storms (like Shropshire) or if you’re somewhere like us that’s really noisy: Cambridge.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits.

Low E-Glass: This type of glass has a thin layered coat that improves thermal insulation levels of your sash windows. The coating is a thin Metallica coating that reflects hear back into the room. Always get sash windows in cambridge that use low E-glass. All of our windows are supplied with low-e glass in Cambridge. If you’re using another firm somewhere in the country, double check they’d be using this too.

G Value: G value measures how much your glazing blocks heat from the sun. This is because the thin layer of metal reflects heat back into the room, but you want windows that allow sunlight to enter through your sash windows for sunlight and warmth. So, the higher your windows are in G value, the better they are at letting in light and heat and bouncing warmth back into your home. Obviously, the more efficient your sash windows are at bringing in light and heat and the more heat the can retain, the more efficient your G value is. We always maximise your G value whether you go for single, double or triple glazed sash windows with us.

Insulation: Triple glazing is the full proof way to ensure no heat leaves your home. It’s the most amount of glass panes that are used without being too heavy, costly and unsightly. The gas used is particularly effective as gas is on elf the most effective insulators out there. A lot of energy can thus be saved if you know that your sash windows aren’t leaking heat directly out of them and they’re working for you to reflect heat back into your home.

Remove Drafts: You won’t have worry about having your windows draught-proofed when you get triple glazed sash windows with us. Everything will be totally sealed. There will be too many layers of protection from any potential draft so it’s never a concern.

Increase value of your home: If you come to sell your home and most of your sash windows are double and triple glazed, you can use this to leverage your price. If someone is going to buy your home and live in it for 15 years and you’ve installed temperature efficient windows, the people buying your home will significantly save on energy bills and buying triple/double glazed windows themselves.

Remove condensation: Condensation won’t be able to emerge when you have triple glazing. Often being created by the changing of temperature between the cold outside and the warm inside, triple glazing won’t face this problem. The air pockets between each pane of glass reduces the temperature difference meaning no condensation can be formed.

Who should buy triple glazed sash windows?

Anyone that is getting new sash windows should consider triple glazed windows. If you know you’re going to be living in your property for a significant period of time, the extra glazing will pay off in the long run. Another good reason is if you’re investing in your property and want to increase the value of it. It will increase the value of your home as well as provide leverage for when you want to sell as you can save energy over prolonged periods of time due to the extra heat loss prevention techniques you have in place.

We completely recommend anyone in and around Cambridge to choose us. We guarantee a great service and great result every time and would be more than happy to help out.

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