Double or triple?

Our timber casement windows come with double or triple glazing to achieve the best long-term results. They’re made to closely replicate classic single glazed windows while still incorporating all of the benefits of modern double/triple glazing. Sash windows cambridge? We're exactly who you need.

timber casement windows cambridge

Want timber casement windows? You’re at the right place.

Timber Casement Windows

Our timber casement windows are, of course, bespoke creations to fit whatever requirements you have. Special attention is given to the look and detail of the windows to make sure they match your property. We can create both lipped and flush fit casements with top or side openings depending on what the best solution is for you and what you need. As you’ll find out, we’re very open minded and always like to lay out a variety of good options as well as what we advise we would do on our own properties.

Testimonials from Cambridge Locals

  • Had our replacement windows done by these guys. It was a large job and we’re more than happy with the overall result. Process was fast and pain free. Yep the windows look great. Thanks again. Customer in Cambridge.

  • Casements done by these guys couldn’t look better. Even threw a little deal in there for me as extra so couldn’t have asked for more. Did the job quicker than expected. All affordable and will be back, thank you. Customer from Cambridge.

  • Can’t complain had my sash window repairs with these guys and they priced it up and had it completed within a week which was surprising. Will no doubt be back and will recommend thank you. . Repeat customer from Cambridge.