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The Ultimate Guide to Residential Sash Windows

Everything you need to know about and what to do with your sash windows!

A very brief history

Sash windows have been used in England for over 300 years now. They’re an old design but the length of their age demonstrates how effective they’ve been in all this time. Some original sash windows even still exist today as they’ve been so well maintained. This instantly shows that there is really good longevity in having sash windows if you can get a good local sash window tradesman to take care of the windows in your home.

Sash Windows are PRACTICAL!

You’d think the more modern creation of plastic windows would be more practical, but that is just simply not the case in this instance. What makes sash windows so practical and having great longevity is that they can be so easily taken apart, fixed, put back together and have measures taken to keep them strong for more years or decades to come. Unlike their plastic counterpart, which can’t be taken apart and fixed, sash windows are brilliant in terms of keeping original design and style and restored.

Historically speaking, sash windows are the only option if you want to keep the heritage alive in your windows and therefore your house. Yes, this is very much unlike plastic windows that can’t really be restored or repaired and WILL need to be replaced if any sort of significant damage gets done to them. We'd like to think that Sash Windows Cambridge Company comes to mind whenever your thinking sash windows Cambridge or need a repair, or any restoration work.

Of course, problems DO occur on sash windows and they aren’t perfect. They get battered by the elements 24/7 so they’re never going to last forever. Likely issues you’ll face are: draught, rattling, condensation and noise pollution. There are others too. However, a lot are avoidable for a decent amount of time should you have a sash window specialist dealing with your sash windows. Not just any joiner will cut it, sash windows are very particular.

Problems you’ll likely face...

You would be well suited to get your sash windows checked every few years at least. You might be like a lot of people in that you’re swept up in the speed of life and just want to deal with the problems as they arise and this is fine. Just remember that preventing problems is often better dealing with problems as they arise!

You should at least look to get your sash windows checked as soon as you experience any of these problems below. Look out for these tell tale signs:

Your energy bill increasing: if it’s taking more and more energy to keep your home warm, it’s likely that your windows might not be keeping in the warmth like they once did. Also, if you feel a draft near your windows, this is another obvious sign that your sash windows are failing (not being energy efficient) and need an assessment.

Noise: this can be more or less of a problem depending on where you live and your surroundings. For example, if you live in the Cambridge like us, noise can be quite abundant and frequent at the same time! So if you notice a lot of noise coming from rooms with sash windows in them, again, it’s likely that the window is no longer serving its purpose.

Condensation: condensation build up in and around your windows indicates that the elements are finding a way through your window in and around the seals. Definitely get this checked out as the constant condensation can easily lead to mould and rotting of your windows.

Interior Fading: When the sun shines through your sash windows, if any part of the room is discoloured (this can be anything from the furniture, carpet or walls), it’s probably not a coincidence. What’s happening is: the glazing in your sash windows is failing. The sun can penetrate through the glazing in your sash windows as the UV protection is no longer effective. This is the least of your worries as, if light is damaging the interior of your home, heat will also be escaping through your windows. Definitely call out a sash windows tradesman if you experience this.

Cracked Paintwork: Get your windows painted or repainted every 6-8 years to get rid of cracked paintwork and keep the exterior of your windows strong.

…Hey we’re biased but if you’re based in Cambridge, we’d put ourselves forward as a great choice to come and check out your sash windows!

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