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The Future Value of Sash Windows for your Home

Will sash windows be around in the future or in the near future? What will the impact be on the value of your home? These windows are some of the oldest things you'll consistently find in a huge number of houses, apartments and other buildings in every given city in the UK. With its penchant for stunning architecture, there is abundance of sash windows in Cambridge, and they’re a significant and instantly recognisable aspect to anyone with the architectural eye.

Seeing as they're so old, how long will these traditional windows last? Will they be around in the next 100 years? What about the next 50 years? With technology rapidly advancing, it would be really hard to predict the shelf life of sash windows. We can barely tell what the next iPhone is going to be able to do, let alone how our houses are going to be. This also poses a question seriously worth asking - are sash windows still worth investing in for the sake of the value of your home? Are timber windows going to be a thing of the past, becoming obsolete and useless in a futuristic robot filed world?! Will we even have sash windows, or will we just have tiny air vents with filters and metal shutters with every home looking like it is from 'Futurama'? Sash window repairs can be time consuming and, in a world, where we're always striving for the next thing, the fast thing... will we do away with these beautiful, authentic and classic windows altogether? Our thoughts are: until we do get totally taken over by the likes of a futurama world and until we're living underwater like Busted confirmed (which is still 1000 years away!), we'll be pretty fine with recommending sash windows as being a brilliant investment in your home with the assumption that the value of your home will only go up. Now we're probably biased with this assumption as you can see we are a sash windows company. However, you could also just call it an experienced judgement call having been working with these windows for so long.

Let's have a look at some key reasons why sash windows are only going to increase the value of your home as opposed to decrease the value: Yes, in 50 years as we become more of a technology filled, society, not quite like Doctor Who or Star Wars, but certainly far more technology based, we think that sash window replacements and production might become fewer and further between. To clarify, we mean that technology will change society and there will be less handymen working with wood. This is not a bad thing though. This will mean your sash windows increase in value as they become rarer! As people keep opting for cheap and fast alternatives like plastic windows, your sash windows are becoming rarer and rarer. What do we love as humans? Rarity. Fewer people will have your windows and fewer people will have the skills to install them, so this means they will be worth more!

A second point is that we're suckers for aesthetics. Let's face it. Sash windows look excellent! They're simply and elegant and never look out of place. You could fit them on the most beautiful house you can find anywhere in Cambridge and they wouldn't look out of place at all. In fact, they would fit right in and do it justice. It's hard to go wrong with sleek, white, brand new sash window replacements!

The third point is that we're suckers for classic and more importantly: history. Sash windows have a wide and deep history in the culture of Cambridge and, moreover, the history of the UK as a whole. We love history and we love classic. The UK has one of the richest histories in the world from when we dominated a large portion of the planet so it's something that is very important to us and sash windows are yet another thing that are testament to the way we honour the past and what we've done. Not only will the people want to see them stay, but legislations and government bodies that understand and want to protect history will not let us do away with these windows any time soon. We're sure of it. So if you were scared of buying these perhaps perceived to be old windows and that they could plummet in value - don't be! They might be old, but in our knowledgeable minds in this field, the value of sash windows is only going up! We serve Cambridge and the surrounding areas like St Ives so check us out!

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