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Sash Windows Newmarket 

Although we are known as the Cambridge sash window company, we operate all over Cambridgeshire, too. Specifically, we serve the popular area of Newmarket. 

Newmarket has loads of great, historical buildings and is full of sash windows. Therefore it’s a great place for us to work in. Each year we always complete several large projects in Newmarket, in addition to smaller repair and maintenance type projects. The area is also particularly rich, which always promotes a plentiful amount of sash windows in any given area. Lovely rustic homes leads to more sash windows as they are simply of higher quality. The cheaper the house the cheaper the materials and workmanship (generally). As you go further up north you tend to find cheaper homes and therefore more PVC and plastic. It would be most unusual to find a high class building with cheap flimsy plastic windows on it... 

Newmarket, also known as the “global centre of thoroughbred horse racing” is 65 miles (105 kilometres) north of London. Some of the most prestigious races occur there each year. Royals like James I, Charles I, Charles II and other monarchs have had bases there throughout history. Around 3,000 race horses are stabled in and around Newmarket, quite a stunning figure. Some even predict more like 3,500 horses! Some of these horses have estimated worths between £5 million and £50 million and even higher! 

The calling area code for Newmarket is 01638. Yes, different to ours, but we aren’t that far away really. There are areas considered to be in Cambridge which are further for us. Back in 2011 the estimated population was 20,384, which is about double of some other local areas like Soham. There are loads of reasons to love Newmarket other than the prevalent windows… Like their sausages! Newmarket sausages have been created Ince the 1880s, only a few local butchers are permitted to 

So with that Newmarket lesson out of the way... let’s go into the key reasons you should hire us to work on your property! 

 1. Skilled workmanship 

Obviously a critical factor is how your sash windows will look at the end of the job. Many don’t know but there are lots of ways you can repair and restore sash windows. It is essentially open for interpretation how beet to make the repair. Therefore different firms will give you different final results. This means different forms in how the window functions, looks and lasts. 

So, skilled workmanship should be in your top 3 reasons for picking a sash windows tradesman. For something like plumbing, it’s all about price and speed of the service. Virtually all plumbers will give you the same service, the same tap or new valve. This isn’t the case with really old, bespoke, customer joinery. 

We boast a whole lot of experience in this trade. It’s been decades since we first picked up a tool and worked on our favourite material - wood. We don’t love going into precise detail on how all of our solutions work as we don’t like to give away our competitive advantage, but we are happy to show you at site surveys and quotations. We believe we have the best and most lasting solutions in the whole of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and Newmarket. Not only do our repairs work, but they look fantastic. Check out some of our before and afters throughout the rest of the site to really get a feel for our quality and execution. 

This goes for our materials too. We don’t skimp out on materials and make sure to use the finest hard wood possible. Hardwood is deceasing in strength as forests are being created to quickly be chopped down to be used in the carpentry and joinery wood. This means that a lot of the wood out there (perhaps used to splice into one of your sills or a frame) is extremely weak. This is a terrible decision by other firms. They are adding in a rubbish piece of wood into a fantastic window that has been around for hundreds of years. Unless the wood gets consistently covered in paints and other anti resistant materials, it’s likely to fail and perhaps spread rot throughout the entirety of the window... when the rest of the window was made with pristine,  matured wood that is extremely hard to find these days. A shame. 

So we use the finest hard wood you can get on the market. Again, we don’t want to give away all of our suppliers and ways of doing things so easily, but you can quite simply find out during a site visit the kind of timber we work with. It’s the same story with the glazing we use. Quality is our focus. Always. Sure, there are cheaper services out there - but if you’re looking for the highest quality, that’s us. 

2. High value 

We believe we offer the highest value service in Newmarket too. Again, there are cheaper services out there, but we are specifying value now. For the amount you pay, our service can’t be beaten. Your windows will look incredible, last for decades, need very little maintenance and still not break the bank. The saying goes that if you pay cheap you pay twice (or you keep paying for those that don’t learn!). 

So we are confident that our service is the highest value. And we aren’t talking about a luxury here (well, in a sense we are) - because we’re also talking about tangible value. If you have pristine windows, fully repaired and renovated.... you increase the value of your home. Sure, it will help if everywhere is renovated, but it adds real value to your home. When you enter negotiations to sell or revalue your home, you can even put forward the number you spent and use that as leverage. Let alone just telling them to look at the dam things! 

3. A great team 

It’s a pain in the arse when you have people invading your home who are rude and a pain to work with. You dread coming home from work. You dread the conversation. You dread every single part of the process and want it over and done with! 

We never give our customers this kind of experience. We understand it’s your home and one of your prized possessions. We aren’t leaving sash windows tools and equipment round your home, getting in your way, making too much noise etc. - we know how painful it can be with the wrong team in your home. 

Our approach is to be easy going, go with the flow and respect your thoughts and feelings. You can even get involved in some sash windows DIY if you want to learn more about what we do! That’s half a joke. Clients in the past with an interest in wood work have gotten a bit involved but obviously that’ll only be a select few of you. 

4. Clean

Following from the last point, we’re clean in your house. First and foremost, dust sheets are laid out and over flooring and things which should not get dirty. We’re also just a clean team in general. Taking pride in our work means we aren’t throwing paint around, leaving tools everywhere or just generally being sloppy. Everyone on the team is a professional and this is reflected in the way we treat your property. 

5. Professionals 

Again, following from the last point, we are professionals. A professional is on time, efficient, effective and takes their job extremely seriously. This is us! We don’t make many mistakes and always rectify them with interest on top. 

That should do it for now as a little summary. What more could you want from your sash window service than highly skilled, highly valuable, a great team, clean and all round professionals? Not a lot more! 

So if you have any sort of project that you need completing in Newmarket, just give us a shout. This goes for brand new windows made from scratch, a reliable draft proofing service, repairing old windows fixing glazing any any other issues. You can also call us on short notice to see if we have availability to fix something like an emergency glazing issue. 

Thanks for reading and look forward to working with you! 

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