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How To Solve Sash Windows Issues

A question we commonly get is: “How do I know if I even need new windows?” So, we decided to put out this article with 5 reasons that you might need your sash windows being replaced. We really believe in what we do and love the sash windows in cambridgeand service we provide. Unfortunately, almost nothing lasts forever in the sash windows industry, so your windows are eventually going to fade in their usefulness and aesthetic appearance. Knowing hoto repair a window sash can be tricky and you're going to need professionals.

Naturally, windows are constantly being affected by the environment as they’re part of your outer protective shell of your house. We couldn’t live without them though, they’re vital for the decoration and getting light into your home. Depending on where you live your sash windows might suffer for different reasons. For example, if you live in Shropshire, you might face a lot of storms. If you’re in London or our city of Cambridge, noise pollution might be your biggest enemy.

Sash window Replacement

Sash window replacement is a delicate, delicate task. Not just anyone can do it. Even if you fancy yourself as an avid DIYer, we wouldn’t recommend tackling this task unless you have extensive experience with at least windows, that’s if you lack sash window replacement and repair skills. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong and could cause you to pay more in the long run if you don’t get your sash windows fitted properly by a trusted professional the first time round. All sorts of things like double hung window parts are going to be a pain. Knowing how to remove a window sash is going to take some time, so get it right the first time. Unless you have a strong, strong nack for DIY, avoid vinly sash replacement kits.

Obviously, we will vouch for ourselves here and say that you should definitely speak to us before starting on any sash window project. There are loads of ways we could help. These could be: advice, materials, labour etc.. Don’t make a hash of it and get it right the first time. If a sash windows pro comes in and gets the window channel balance wrong or messes up the window channel replacement, you're going to run into issues.

5 Obvious signs your sash windows need replacement

Draught: Is there a cold breeze seeping through your sash windows? It won’t go away. Some of the reasons you might be experiencing draught are: wear and tear, ageing, extreme temperature, moisture and poor installation. Use your local, trusted sash window specialist to get this fixed for you to save heat. We’ll obviously recommend ourselves as the go-to guys in for sash window draught proofing in Cambridge. It's going to take more than just replacing window sash locks here like some people think is the issue. Locks for windows are cheap, but that doesn't mean it's the solution.

Energy bill increasing: This one is fairly self explanatory. If you’re finding yourself having to turn the heating up to keep your property warm, it’s likely that your sash windows could be playing a factor in this. It’s worth at least getting your sash windows checked out, especially if they’re old.

Noise: If you can suddenly hear more noise coming from the outside world, it might be time to get your sash windows looked at. Noise is never fun for anyone, especially if you’re near a busy road or have l loud neighbours. Noise pollution can often be sorted by our sash windows draught proofing service, so call in if you’re based in Cambridge and we’re happy to provide this service to you!

Condensation: Condensation is a good indicator that your window’s seals are failing. It basically means that the elements are now seeping through your window and condensation is being formed because of your failing seals. This type of issue is definitely worth getting checked out as the consistent condensation is inevitably going to lead to mould, decay and rot.

Interior Fading: If there are any parts of your home near your sash windows that are fading, it’s not a coincidence. This can include carpets, furniture, bedding, walls and just about anything in your rooms.

It’s likely that the glazing on your sash windows is faulty and no longer working. The sun can penetrate the glazing in your sash window as proper UV protection isn’t being provided by your window. This is actually a useful indicator as, if UV rays are penetrating your windows, you can be sure that heat is also escaping through your windows.

Maybe some of you have read this and thougt... what is a window sash?! And that's okay! Hopefully this article has shown that sash windows are a very complicated issue.

You can check out any page of our website for some information on each of the services using the links above. Or if you’re strapped for time, please feel free to call in with anything you want to know more about or if you’d like us to come and visit your house! Always make sure the sash windows specialist can be found on reputable sites like Yell, Facebook, Twitter... Give us a ring today if you need anything!

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