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Cambridge Sash Windows - Design, Survey, Supply and Installation

Cambridge Sash Windows supplies high quality sash windows that are suitable for all types of property, no matter the style, age or size. Depending on your preferred style, our sash window parts can be designed as you like. Early glass technology meant large panes of clear glazing were difficult or impossible to consistently reproduce, so glazing bars allowed the parts of a window to be split into smaller panes. Sash Windows Cambridge do “one over one”, allowing the greatest amount of natural light inside, but some prefer the designs of eras gone by, such as the classic Victorian “two over two”, or the quintessentially Georgian “six over six”. Combining our modern sash window technologies with designs from eras gone by can lead to a wonderful end result that really makes your home look and feel special. This comes down to personal preference and we welcome discussions with our customers to give the best for them. We can provide a window sizes chart and a window parts diagram to assist your decision, but the best option is always talking to an expert face to face, so your questions can be answered, and you can feel satisfied in choosing the best for your home.

When surveying your windows, only experienced carpenters will provide estimates, who understand the anatomy of a window unit and can advise on the best solution for you. We never send salesmen who simply want to charge the highest price, which is against our ethos. Whether you need brand new windows, or need a full window sash replacement, our expert knowledge of window anatomy and types will make the whole process smooth, so you can focus on getting the best for your home. Sometimes all that is needed is a low level of maintenance, such as draught proofing, or only a partial replacement, such as lower window sash replacement. As our customers know, we are experts in how to replace a window sash. You may only need simple repairs, which can help keep your costs down rather than fully replacing your windows. We can help with how to repair a window sash if it’s only a minor problem such as worn channels, which may just need window channel replacement to restore wood window balance and run perfectly smoothly, as if brand new. Window sash locks can also be a problem if they get broken, and security is of course hugely important. Simple window locks and latches are an easy fix which can be done quickly and easily with no hassle, which can be especially important when there are curious children around!

Our large range of window sash hardware means we supply all the modern technologies, including modern double glazing and stunning modern PVCU ranges, which, being virtually maintenance free, look after themselves and have a very long lifespan. The PVCU range also contribute to fantastic insulation. Combined with double glazing, you can have stunning modern windows that help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We even supply triple glazing, which is a little costlier, but can be excellent in homes with lower efficiency. Check out our sash window services page for a full list of what we offer and check our testimonials to see what our customers think!

Installing sash windows should be a smooth process. Getting the correct wood window balance and sash window channel balance takes skill, and that’s where our experience and expertise comes in. From survey, to quote, order and finally installation, we’ve built our reputation on providing excellent service to our customers in and around Cambridge and are always looking on areas we can improve. The full process shouldn’t take excessive time or disturb your home, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver an outstanding service without the hassle! We believe we are the go to company for sash windows in Cambridge, and we been steadily improving our quality of service for our customers over the past 12 years. Get in touch now if you’d like a free quote, you can always change your mind later!

Check out our picture of a window sash in the gallery to view different designs, and click on any image to zoom in. This will give you an immediate impression of what will be suitable for your home, depending on the size and style of your window frames. A good place to find out about sash window design and installation is gumtree - if you love the job, we do we’d love to showcase your beautiful new sash windows on our website!

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